Comment 63908

By Nord Blanc (anonymous) | Posted May 24, 2011 at 10:22:33 in reply to Comment 63854

Not trying to minimize the cost, just imagining that they'd have a challenge selling poisoned land at anything but a loss. That and it could go the way of any number of other choice local properties with lesser handicaps.

My preference would of course be that the private sector take it over entirely, but you need only look around downtown to know that, with limited exceptions, the private sector will always find a way to rationalize their way out of carrying remediation costs and/or dragging things out by a decade or more (eg. Lister Block, revived after a 16 year coma; Lyric Century, euthanized after a 20 year coma). Either that or the project partners are high on irrational exuberance and the timeline telescopes cruelly (eg. Trinity Landing, 2005-2010; Hamilton Federal Building, 2004-????; Royal Connaught 2004-????). Shabby vacancies aren't necessarily more pleasing because we've been told that sooner or later it will come to resemble an idealized architectural rendering. Can't be insoluble, though. The Imperial Cotton folks seem to have a number of industrial spaces fixed up and rented out.

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