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By just me (anonymous) | Posted May 20, 2011 at 14:32:09

CLARIFICATION--Some folks responded positively to this comment. When I wrote that I'd seen some useful positive comments negatived, I did not mean negatived as in voted down, but rather that the nesting + and -[negative] left me confused. The 'voted down' negatives are of course different and almost always accurate in their judgment--esp. re the "trolls" who are by design bothersome and worse.
PREVIOUS comment:
Um, hasn't troll SAY WHAT been negatived off threads, many times? I'm still not sure how the blue [+] [-] "Nested / Flat" signs work: who decides? I've occasionally seen some useful positive comments negatived, though I think their purpose is to diminish presence of irrelevant & diversionary 'junk'.

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