Comment 63818

By adinabob (registered) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 20:15:48 in reply to Comment 63759

The distillery district is pretty, sure, but it's also very sterile and twee due to how extremely expensive it is. It's nice to visit occasionally when I have money to burn or have a fancy client footing the bill. Maybe we want a super high end tourist space at the harbour. Maybe it would be nice to have something like that somewhere in Hamilton. To be perfectly honest, if the city did go that way I'd... probably spend money there.

However, my preference would be something a little more community based - something that doesn't price out 90% of people.

This would be a super sweet building for a hackerspace... A bit off the beaten path, but not nearly as bad as our ( first iteration. How about a hackerspace, shared art studios like the Cossart Exchange, local businesses, educational programs, stuff like that? I'd work towards that for sure.

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