Comment 63755

By Kat (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2011 at 12:07:58 in reply to Comment 63746

Well, since information that was used to initiate the investigation was based on hiss posts there, in this case it is reliable as that on twitter. in this case that information was reliable enough for the police, so you should be able to consider it reliable enough for you to read.

By the way did you note what I said about the bomb making materials?

That said, d you have a bottle of peroxide in the house? How about some nail polish remover>>

If so you have sufficient quantities, to of the primary ingredients to be considered a terrorist, you have gatherer the primary ingredients to make a bomb like the one the shoe bomber made and a danger to the pubbed make a bomb..... with Cohn more ingredient..that appens to be a small amount of one more ingredient...which happens to be food related and again something most houshold keep on had, your all set.

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