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By Tomsmom (anonymous) | Posted April 26, 2011 at 14:09:37

I went there for Easter, as I was looking for something different and interesting to do with my son. I never knew anyone that went to the KILLMAN zoo but the Easter Egg hunt seemed to be interesting there, so away we went.

First off I must say the staff are nice, but once I took three steps into the zoo I was horrified. I debated if I should walk out with my four year old. The cats looked miserable, just pacing back and forth. The water there was brown green, so unclean and like the above writer wrote perfect for west nile. It was raining the night before and the grounds were muddy and the only place for the animals to seek refuge were in dog like houses. My own dog had a better built house, at least they were insulted and I protected him from the environment in the winter. The zoo feeds the cats kibble like food, a far cry from the wild a tiger or big cat is naturally and instinctively drawn to.

I directed my son to the area where the goats and small deer were, they had more land to roam than the big cats but at least 200%! There was no room for the cats to run or play. The poor black bear just tossed his head on one side and paced. I was so excited to see one as I grew up around them in the North, but my heart ached for this animal. The bobcat and other small cats (no label on their cage) were in areas smaller than a small bedroom. How sad it must be for them to stare out in the open but be pinned up in a cage. For once I imagined how good life must be for farm animals, at least they have range to roam.

Now I know why on the Killman zoo website they ask for people for animal rights not to visit...I would never ever recommend it nor would I go back. I began to feel like my cat had a much better life than any of those animals. Please if you go to a zoo make the effort to support a place like Toronto, at least the animals there have some quality of life!

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