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By jonathan (registered) | Posted April 08, 2011 at 19:35:38 in reply to Comment 61980

If it was actually about safety, we'd be talking about real change, such as eliminating right-on-red, de-timing the traffic lights, slowing traffic within our neighbourhoods using physical measures such as bump-outs, dead ends and speed humps (as in most downtown toronto neighbourhoods), etc. But these true safety measures will never happen because it would be too inconvenient for drivers.

NO argument there. My own street is a great example of 'accidental' engineering for safety. It's technically a two-way street, however with the street-side parking making it rather tight, vehicles travelling in opposite directions have to slow to a crawl to safely pass each other. It may be a 50 zone, but most vehicles just don't drive that fast down it.

I wouldn't suggest modifying our major arteries that way...but residential side streets? Absolutely.

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