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By Brandon (registered) | Posted April 03, 2011 at 22:12:24

So what do you propose as the solution? Everyone hold hands and sing Kumbayah?

We had an incredible opportunity to fix an eyesore and rejuvenate an area that has lain stagnant for a long time. Essentially Bob Young's ego stopped that from happening. Whatever positive spin you put on this, this is what in fact happened.

Maybe Mahesh is right about the fact that prices would have been higher than if there were no stadium in play, but the fact was that we had millions more dollars coming in than we would have had if the city did it entirely on its own. It also would have provided a great reason to have LRT and a GO link right there. Will those transit issues happen now? Who knows.

So, given all that we feel that we lost to cater to Bob Bratina's ego, being the man who "saved" the 'Cats, and Bob Young's ego, who couldn't walk back the "We will never play there" line, how do you propose that we move ahead?

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