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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 29, 2011 at 09:53:14 in reply to Comment 61718

Jacob, why should I have to prove, using your predetermined number of examples, that lowering taxes is good for a city? When a business wants a loan from the bank, they don't ask the bank to show them examples of why this loan would be a bad idea. Instead, it's the person looking for the money that needs to prove why the loan is a good idea.

If the city wants taxpayer money, they should have to prove why it is a good idea. If this were the case in Hamilton, they would have to explain why we need to pay around 50% higher tax rates than our closest neighbour, Burlington.

Here is the first question I would ask the city before signing off on their latest tax requests...

Why did wage costs rise 41% from 2005-09, or 8.9% a year, even though total salaries of Ontario workers only grew 10.6% in that same time frame?

Why did the number of full time employees increase 7.8% from 2005-09, even though our population only grew 1.3?

Why is the average city worker wage/benefit cost per full time employee $106k, while the median wage in the city is only $26,353 (2006)?

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