Comment 61684

By George (registered) | Posted March 28, 2011 at 09:13:35 in reply to Comment 61618

Mahesh, thanks for the thoughtful reply, and while I think you bring up some thought provoking points, I remain unconvinced that WH was not a good site for the stadium.

I'm hopeful for a A) scenario, although I wouldn't characterize it as likely, but why would any such major development by a star architect, necessarily have to involve any "premature visioning", and spiraling and prohibitive land costs?

Sounds like the typical defeatist, "can't do" mentality that's become synonymous with Hamiltonians over the years, one that I do not associate with Mahesh P Butani. Please tell me "we" (typically cynical Hamiltonians) are not getting to you.

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