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By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted March 25, 2011 at 08:22:02

"From a revitalization perspective, the new plan offers limited potential for economic spinoff - in fact, it proposes to demolish an adjacent community stadium to make room for parking - and leaves the West Harbour property an unremediated brownfield, but Council was so desperate to close a stadium deal and satisfy the Ticats that they accepted it anyway."

here's the weak part of the article. You had me up to this point. Your claims FOR the economic spinoffs at West Harbour were always thin - dependent on a Venetian plate, right Molinaro Group? And your claims AGAINST economic development around IW are just as unfounded. And the result is exactly the same for either property, one will be a vacant space. The difference is IW would have lain empty forever, whereas WH will get developed.

I applaud your efforts with OCOF and supported that when EM was the other option. But I think you got so caught up in that movement you didn't rationally consider the compromise and benefits of IWS.

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