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By Why the resistance (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2011 at 14:49:35

Mr Meister: I think what needs to happen is that honest dialogue and discussion about our insane consumer driven society. People do need to rethink things, the current system in place is destroying the environment, it leaves behind many people, large amounts of poverty, people keep buying crap, that they do not need. In my mind I ask, who and what gives the business elite the right to direct things or that we should just accept what they want when the business elite do not exactly act in the benefit of all people.

I just took a class Labour and Media and watched a film, Class Dismissed which brought into focus the role that advertisers played in the shaping of TV. Since the earlier 1950's we have all been barraged with consumer goods, that gave and still gives the supposed picture of a good living standard. Everything that is manufactured, is under the guise of planned obsolence, meaning, the product will break down rather quickly, which in turn fills landfills with waste. How many people out there today, have consumer debt, large amounts, just in their quest to keep up with the Jones.

Should we as a society base our success on the number of consumer products we have or should be about something else, the common good of all society and members of the human race across the globe. How about mother nature and all its creatures.

Should not our focus be on ensuring the every member of society has shelter, food, clean water. We are and have always been in a class war, when maybe the refocus should engage all workers and people to acknowledge that things are wrong and if we do not join together to have our voices heard, we can all be losers at some point in the future.

People like yourself are stuck in a mode and will not allow for some honest reflection. Please think about what we are all leaving behind for our grandchildren and beyond.

What affects one, affects us all!

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