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By Jeff Reid (registered) - website | Posted February 16, 2011 at 09:29:16 in reply to Comment 59827

what I intend is for people to be able to register their disapproval of inappropriate comments.

Unfortunately... I want to reply to this (been a forum Mod since the 90's), but must expect to be voted down for even the appearance of disagreeing with you. I like and respect you, but don't always think you are right. Some clearly do, so the environment is hostile for a dialogue.

This thread itself shows how votes are pretty lock-step here. I don't see the -7's in this thread as offensive. It looks like some people are trying to have a conversation, and people not speaking are booing and hissing from a peanut gallery.

I don't know why we need to put every remark to a public tribunal, when the reason to vote down might be I'm offended, perhaps I don't agree in point of fact, or maybe just "we hate that guy".

I think you should consider removing voting on oneself and an Editor's posts-- Not only is everything you write is voted up by supporters (thus your detractors can say "followers"), but I think it leads to a wave of down votes that mutes real debate.


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