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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 13:24:41

transitstudent >> Why not spend $130 million to take two lanes out of King St and accomplish both reduced traffic and improved transit?

For the same reason why you don't buy a Honda Civic for $130k? It would be a waste of money. The result has to match the goal. What is the primary goal of LRT? According to Ryan it is economic revival of the downtown. If that can be done by following Burlington's lower tax, lower spending model, less traffic model, then why take taxpayer money when it isn't necessary?

>> It would seem that downtown is not the area with the "worst economy" in Hamilton.

Then why are we talking about spending $130 million to make it better? If it is already doing well, then money should be returned to the taxpayer in the form of lower rates.

>> How did we manage to fund any projects after spending $500 million on the Red Hill then?

By charging it on the city credit card. Canadians are already at record debt levels, what's another $130 million, is that the logic? What happens when the costs for Baby Boomers health costs start going up? Just charge that to the national credit card as well?

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