Comment 57035

By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 12:45:18

transitstudent >> Driving through those two downtowns is time consuming and slow.... traffic is purposely slowed down. Why? In order to ...make downtown a destination rather than a conduit of traffic.

Okay, so then why not save taxpayers $130 million and take some lanes out of Main St/King St so that it more resembles Oakville and Burlington's downtowns. If they can get new condos with less transit and less car traffic, why wouldn't it work for us?

>> Currently transit is entirely centered on downtown, the vast majority of routes begin, end or run through downtown.

So if the area of the city that already has the most transit also has the worst economy, the logical conclusion from the city is to put even more transit in this area. WTF?

>> There is no one issue.

Agreed. And spending $130 million on ONE issue (LRT) will ensure that other issues have zero funding. This should be avoided.

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