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By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 12:19:39

But seriously, do you really think that the downtown's biggest hurdle is a lack of transit? Burlington and Oakville have less and yet people are buying expensive condos at a greater rate then here.

That's a bit of a left turn from the discussion of travel times across the entire corridor but I'll play ball for a moment.

No I don't think that transit is the biggest hurdle. It is one piece of a much larger puzzle. Currently transit is entirely centred on downtown, the vast majority of routes begin, end or run through downtown. And yes we have far more transit servicing downtown than either Burlington or Oakville.

We also have vastly more traffic flowing through downtown without interruption than either Burlington or Oakville. Driving through those two downtowns is time consuming and slow. In other words, traffic is purposely slowed down. Why? In order to create an environment that is welcoming to pedestrians, to encourage through traffic to avoid downtown, to encourage trips that make downtown a destination rather than a conduit of traffic. Walking through those two downtowns is a wildly different experience than walking on King or Main Streets in Hamilton. Its not so much about one-way traffic, its about the volume of traffic and the operation of that traffic.

This is another piece of the bigger puzzle. Your comments about taxation are likely another piece of the puzzle. The key is not to cherrypick one issue and elevated it to the status of THE ISSUE. There is no one issue. The current RT studies are attempting to address this fact by looking at multiple issues surrounding the B-Line corridor.

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