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By Ezaki Glico (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 06:35:56

It seems likely that a dedicated LRT lane will deliver riders at the promised time, and therefore hold to the 32-minute promise. It does appear to be the case, however, that the discrepency between LRT and BRT can at times be negligible, if you place faith in the HSR's schedule.

Eastbound weekday B-Line service from MUMC to Eastgate runs anywhere from 32 min (~6am-1pm) and 33 min (~1pm-2:30pm, ~5:39pm-close) to 36 min (~2:30-5:30pm).

Westbound weekday B-Line service from Eastgate to MUMC appears to run more evenly. The milk run takes 33 min, and I believe every other run from 6am-5:40pm takes 34 min, except the last two runs of the day which are 32 min.

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