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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 18, 2011 at 21:41:39

for the people who are tirelessly complaining about being down-voted, accuse RTH of being a club, and other insinuations - you are not required to participate in this specific web site

Probably the most egregious approach to dealing with someone who doesn't agree with you that I've seen in a while. Seriously; what is this, a clubhouse? (Making me wonder just how many 'boys' there are here, versus 'girls'.)

And for the record, I actually couldn't give a rodent's gluteals whether I get 'upvoted' or 'downvoted'. That is the realm of the adolescent.

And now I feel a SNL skit coming on where everyone has been retrofitted with Validity Scores over their heads...)

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