Comment 56837

By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 12:47:19

Ryan >> As someone who struggled daily with rampant trolling that threatened to render the site unusable and scare away everyone else, I can say with total confidence that the quality of discussion has gotten better.

Ryan, I remember there used to be a feature that calculated the number of page views per day/(week?). During your first introduction of comment voting, in which I may have played a part, I'm almost certain that page views were spiking UP, not down. This indicates the site was benefiting from the lively debate (left vs right), not being hurt by it.

One question, why not put a third party feature that allows people to reliably track page views on RTH? That way, we can see just how much the public likes the quality of discussion, rather than a few squeaky wheels who feel frustrated when people disagree with their progressive ideology. Seems fair to me.

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