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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 17, 2011 at 22:58:37


I think you have glossed over the voting issue. This from Hamilton Fan:


Regardless Graham, council will pass this and Toronto 2015 will approve. That's my prediction and life goes on.

Why is this -11? It's very direct, so what?


I disgree Ryan. The only responsibile course for Council to take is to act as they genuinely feel what is best. And it may be best to approve the IWS plan pronto equally as much as even considering a scalable stadium or any other solution.

And yet HF's use of the word 'feelings' gets attacked.


You're suggesting our council should be guided by their feelings? You can't be serious.


When you don't have the facts on your side go for broke on emotion. Fear's usually good for a few votes.

A contrarian opinion but certainly put forth reasonably:


The problem with that line of reasoning is that a 6000 seat stadium is also an act of emotional desperation to salvage something from nothing. Thats why council needs to put emotion aside and vote on the merits of the 2 plans. If they do I feel they will see that a 6000 seater is unworkable and is opposed by the majority of the population as illustrated by the Spec Poll numbers before the IWS proposal was put forward. It may have been a small somewhat biased group but with only 22% agreeing to spend on a 6000 seater it sure shows where the public likely stand on the question.

Ryan, I can cherry pick examples to illustrate issues with the voting system and you can cherry pick example supporting it, to what avail? I stand by my assertion that the voting system is merely a consensus meter.

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