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By Mogadon Megalodon (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2011 at 20:15:36

mrjanitor: "it's just become a consensus meter, not the tool it was intended to be."

Related to the scoring, I would be curious to see how posts expressing reasoned disagreement tend to rate as compared to those loosing sanctioned zingers or riffing wittily on the received wisdom or praising/building on the thesis of the article itself. On top of that, it seems uncontroversial to point out that many of those who've taken time to register accounts with RTH, thereby winning voting power, are contributors whose sympathies may be more closely aligned than in gen-pop. No way of determining that with any rigour, but it sometimes strikes me that way -- and during a period marked by a population growth of anonymous insurgents, perhaps also a bit like only talking to the people you know at a party (or the fact that most people will give compliments more readily to friends and acquaintances than utter strangers). That said, I'm not saying it's inherently good or bad, or that I would have any genius ideas on how to optimize comment protocol on a site such as this. Although comment nesting would obviously be awesome.

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