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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 17, 2011 at 15:58:12

It's a complicated issue but I think it's time to toy around with some alternatives.

Actually, it's not that complicated. It's quite simple...just perhaps not 'easy' to effect a solution. Because this whole 'What should we do?' refers back to a mindset that actually does itself no favours at all.

I agree with the second part, except... Except just what is the goal, here? What is it that 'we're' trying to accomplish, or what is the end result you want to see?

This is site that deals with making things better. It deals with addressing some really complex issues. Do you really expect that things are going to be sunshine and light? I read some really good Comments sections on various sites and stridency is prevalent there, too. As are asshats.

Often decorum results when an environment is created where it's fostered. Do you seriously believe that Downvoting fosters a sense of fair-play?

Ultimately, I've started to get worn out reading comment threads on RTH and that never used to happen.

Yes. But 'that never used to happen' implies that this is 'back then'. It's not. It's now. RTH has more readers now. It has more commenters. It has more brilliant contributions, it has more asshats. Can you increase the ratio of the former to the latter? Yes. But really, you have to be honest with yourself when analyzing what you've got. Otherwise, you're going to disappear up your primary orifice.

As for the whole 'troll' thing: not since the word 'misogynist' has there been a more co-opted, misapprehended, mismanaged word...and no amount of self-indulgent proselytizing will change that. We've reached the point here on RTH where in the worst cases of intractability of standpoint, disagreement = trolling.


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