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By Yikes (anonymous) | Posted January 16, 2011 at 14:03:30

@Jason: I don't recall there being any columnist with a regular three times a week column in the Spectator that praised the virtues of 'strip malls' as you call them. In fact, Wilson has long been the main urbanist on the paper's staff, not the only one. I would say that Jeff Mahony in his own way is one; I'd say that Terry Cooke's column certainly had that bent. I'd say that the remaining occasional columnists from the predictable Evelyn Myrie to the newest members of the inner city club: Pike and the other lady whose name isn't coming to me, are all championing the virtues of the inner city...and the inner city does need champions for sure. But, in creating champions we shouldn't also be creating enemies. That is WellWisher's excellent point. If you do, you succumb.

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