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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 13:26:05

Typical Mr Meister making excuses for the powerful and negligint.

The inside of the building is pretty rough.

It's structurally solid and sound, perfect for an awesome reno, he can even put a slim tower in the courtyard behind the L shape, of course that would require him to invest and take a risk, why do that when he can demolish it and see his taxes go down.

Other developers are buying old properties, gutting & renovating them and making awesome adaptive reuse, check out Herkimer at Bay, Witton Lofts, lots of renos on James North.

Vranich is typical downtown Hamilton developer, sit on a vacant property, demolish, turn into another half empty parking lot. He should be ashamed, and you should be ashamed for making excuses.

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