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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 15:45:19


Those plants you reference were built in Canada due to trade barriers implemented by the Canadian government.

Those factories made money in Canada because Canada demanded tariffs for anything coming across the border. It simply made sense to produce here because it was far cheaper than shipping across the border.

A fine example of this is cited by you, Procter and Gamble. I worked at P&G before it closed. That plant was built in 1915 to make small batches of every P&G product sold. Tide, Crisco, Ivory, Mr Clean, Lava, Vicks, Cascade, everything sold in Canada came out of there. That's why you couldn't buy Charmin for the longest time in Canada, P&G didn't have a paper mill until they bought the Royale plant in Toronto around 1995. The Mulroney government killed those companies with the implementation of free trade, all of the ones you reference. The small batch factory that made a hundred products were not needed when trade barriers were lifted, the P&G US superplants that only make one type of product easily ate the Canadian capacities. Only Dofasco weathered the storm due to outstanding innovations and product choices.

It is absolutely hilarious that your screen name is that of the father of free market economies and yet you use trade barrier factories to support your arguments. You really don't understand what you write do you?

I can't wait for your unions and government rebuttals that will be coming down 'the pipe'. There is really no point sending them though, we've read them from you a hundred times before, just cut and paste something and save yourself some time.

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