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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 17:00:41

Trey S, the Discovery Centre was opened by the Federal Government, and they turned the lease over to the Hamilton Waterfront Trust. I wasn't aware city funds had been used for it?

In my mind, the importance of the velo lies in exactly what you stated: It's for serious atheltes training for big competition. What if Hamilton attracted cyclists? What if Canadians who were serious about cycling and wanted to do it competitively had to come to Hamilton to get their training experience? How much more would that put us on the map? Suddenly we become a cycling city. This leads to more competitive international cycling events being held in Hamilton (and we benefit from the associated spinoff).

Talk to someone who cycles professionally, (most of those organizations are closely involved with the velodrome planning) and ask them why they're so excited about it, and what it has the potential to do. Then maybe you'll have a more balanced view of things.

I'm not saying such a discussion would win you over completely, but it would allow you to understand the other side more than I believe you currently do.

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