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By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 16:56:10

First of all, to repeat again what I stated before, the Pan Am investment was designed, in Ian Troop's own words, to provide a legacy for amateur sports development. Now, not only are we foregoing investment in a unique facility in a permanent velodrome, we are going to bulldoze Brian Timmins field in order to placate the professional sports tenant? Brian Timmins field, which incidentally in case you've all forgotten, was one of the stated reasons why a smaller stadium at WH was unnecessary because we had similar sized facilities in town already (a half truth since McMaster's stadium is privately owned btw, to re-repeat).

No one has adequately addressed this concern about abandoning amateur sports legacy in the IW plan.

Secondly, there has been (at least to me) a surprising lack of comment on Bob Young's lack of firm financial commitment in any way to this scheme. I suppose this is just business as usual from BY so perhaps we're all numb to it. But lets be clear once again, that BY is getting $115 Million of public dollars given to him for free in order to attract ancillary investment and corral all of those profits into his own pocket. And our visionary mayor Bob, who recently commented that "you'll see more and more traditional events leaving the downtown", is complicit in all of this.

This is not about picking one ward over another, as was suggested about my earlier post. This is about getting bang for our public buck, in particular the Future Fund. I think that despite what I've said, reno-ing IW is actually not a bad idea, and it does have potential to boost the area, and in that I can support it. However that's not the whole story and the whole story leaves a very very bad taste in my mouth.

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