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By TreyS (registered) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 16:20:08

I'd rather have a proud world class re-purposed re-constructed IW that preserves history and invests in a Code Red area than a velo. And a stadium that keeps the cats and allows us to remain in the big leagues.

Go to the Forest City Velo in London if you want to ride around in circles. and keep in mind the rules, you can't take you road beater on the track.

here's on rule from their website..... Can I use my own bike on the track?

A bike acceptable for use on the track cannot have brakes and must have a fixed gear. There has to be enough clearance for a 2x4 wooden stud set on its end to fit between the bottom of the pedal and the ground when the bike is upright and the pedal is in its lowest position. The bike must have dropped handlebars. And if it has quick release hubs the levers must be taped to the frame. Track bikes of various sizes are available for rental. A track bike must not have brakes, Ya like lots of you cyclists have bikes without brakes. You'll need to buy a special velo bike.

It costs $20 to ride around it and if you don't have a proper velo bike you can rent a track bike for $10. $30 of maybe a one-time thing you'd do but not a successful community venue. Perhaps elite races, but it would compete with Toronto and London's velos for events. With 3,000 seats how much money would a race bring in? It would be such a white elephant in Hamilton. It's for competitive cycling not riding around on street beaters. Or if you're serious you can buy a bike exclusively for velo racing and spend the $100s plus track fees.

I'd forego the velo and build a super awesome IW. and continue with Setting Sail Secondary Plan at WH.

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