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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 15:23:22

Interesting comments from Drew Edwards live coverage this morning:

Young:"Confident that will put the Ticats on firm financial footing in the future."

Young: "It would have been really nice for Hamilton to build a new stadium... but we do not have the funding."

Young: "I'm excited to announce that our corporate sponsors have stepped up in a major way."

Young: "More and more revenue is coming from broadcast and over the internet."

Young: "It is the whole district we are talking about renovating." Mentions nearby nearby industrial lands.

Hostco reaction: Young: "We have had long discussions with them. They have given us parameters as to what they would accept. This falls within those parameters."

Young: Infrastructure Ontario will build it.

Grey Cup: "An absolute requirement." says Young

Young: "I give Hostco credit for being very clear."

Drew Edwards: Here's the situation as I understand it:

- Project with be a renovated northside stands and new south side and end zones.
- money comes from PanAm ($70 million) and city of Hamilton ($45 million) as well as undetermined Ticat contribution.
- parking spots about 1,500 according to Mitchell
- footprint includes existing IWS, Scott Park and Brain Timmins Stadium.

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