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By George (registered) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 14:23:36

Wentworthst wrote:

I would note we already have Ivor Wynne on the books, so that's not new allocation.

But shouldn't we be trying to change that situation? Why invest $45m if we're still going to pay for the Tiger-Cats to play there?

It's all going into the city's existing property value, to create more taxes, which was the goal.

How? All I see right now is $155m of public funds going towards demolishing and rebuilding the south stands. Granted we need more details, especially about the private sector investment.

By 2016, there will have been a quarter of a $ billion spent in an area of Hamilton that otherwise would not expect an extra dime in that time.. The impact will be enormous, as no other use for the Future Funds could bring in 5x in additional cash to the pot.

Quarter of a billion? All I've seen mentioned is $115m. Where is the other $135m coming from?

IMHO, It's about landing the US Senate pork-size stimulus right here, in the heart of our tax-hole. Instead of being a draw on our city books, it will all add to them... Land value taxes, income taxes, sales taxes.

What am I missing? All I see us landing is $70m from HOSTCO.

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