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By GrapeApe (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 13:28:03

Thank you so much for your site and your articles - your articles (and many of the comments) affirm that this city is filled with proud Hamiltonians. The city has tried everything to make the statium work for the TiCats and I fear the mayor (along with many on council) has lost focus. I voted for Fred and I liked his West Harbour vision. I could see the merits in the Aberdeen/Longwood proposal. With the Burlington offer in play, I can't see a better option for the Cats or Hamilton. The idea of a scalable West Harbour statium is now logical, sane, and "affordable". Throw in the veledrome and soccer/football Hamilton will be painted in a bad light for "letting" the TiCats go 10 minutes down the road, but honestly I think they're already gone. Lets see how Burlington taxpayers react when the PanAm money is not available. If private interests want to fill in the gap then all the better.

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