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By Lester (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 16:57:45

@nobrainer - correct, although I think that our mayor seems incredibly fixated on Confed Park - so he will drive for Confed Park at any cost (to us, not the Cats). Therefore, rallying to City Hall for the Council meeting on Wednesday January 12 9:30 is needed. In the meantime, e-mail or call your councillors and tell them to stand by the decision of December 22nd and drop the notion of building the stadium at Confederation park once and for all. Moreover, tell them to put the West Harbour Scalable stadium option on the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday such that the City can communicate to HostCo that we have a solution in place in regards to the Pan-Am games that is available now, and also put IWS as a second option on the meeting agenda as well.

I wish the Tiger-Cats well, but as much as this is business issue for them, so it has become for us - except that our business also involves policy decisions that are inclusive and benefit everyone.

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