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By JBJ (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 15:06:27

I am not sure where to begin given the diversity of viewpoints posted thus far. One issue that has been overlooked is the community ownership of the Tiger Cats. If we (the people of Hamilton) made an offer to purchase the Tiger Cats, we would no longer be the puppet whose strings are pulled every which way by Council and messers Young and Mitchell. Any profits from the sales of merchandise, concessions, and so forth would be plowed back into the community. I realize not everyone would want to be an "owner" of the team given the financial commitment that might be involved. However, rather than being at the mercy of someone seeking the best deal for his team without regard for the interests of the community, we, as Hamiltonians, can be proactive and make an offer to purchase the Tiger Cats. The scalable stadium can be built for the Pan Am games, the Cats could continue to play at IWS and and the community would benefit from a cleaner harbour front and a revitalized Balsam/Barton neighbourhood.

I live in Ward 2, near the WH site. Hamilton's future very much depends on providing opportunities for residents to make the most of their lives. We have one of the highest rates of poverty in Canada. Invest in people, invest in the community, and people begin to take control of their lives and take pride in their neighbourhoods and communities.

I have no idea what it would cost to buy the Tiger Cats or what Bob Young would quote as a selling price but I believe this is something that should be given some serious consideration. Professional sports for far too long has been dominated by individuals who do not necessarily have an attachment to the communities in which their teams play. Let's be proactive and rally together to take ownership of the Tiger Cats and our city.

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