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By Valour (registered) - website | Posted January 06, 2011 at 12:59:58

I really don't see the ti-cats working out in Burlington. Before moving to Hamilton, I lived in Burlington for many many years and Hamilton was always the butt of all jokes.

When asked to describe a Hamiltonian, one would describe the image of a greasy guy with acid washed jeans, a mullet, and a ti-cats jacket. Usually carrying a Hamiltonian briefcase (24 of beer) while biking down Barton in the winter with a half smoke dangling from his lips. The men were thin as a rail and the women well over 300lbs surrounded by dirty crying kids.

If that description doesn't work for you, there is also the pregnant Hamilton teen (smoking of course), Cracky the crackhead, and the rich wannabe gangsta from Burlington who moves to Hamilton to be "hard".

Now I know that most Hamiltonians don't actually resemble those images, but ask someone from Burlington and chances are pretty good that they will choose one of the above.

I really don't think these upper class fans that the ti-cats are hoping to attract will ever materialize, no matter where the stadium is. I personally don't think that the people of Burlington or Oakville will endorse anything with the word "Hamilton" attached to it. I wouldn't be surprised if they are already getting their jokes lined up for when "the welfare bus rolls into town for the ti-cats home opener".

Either way, I am hoping for a smaller stadium at WH which will help improve the image of the city and get us a little farther away from the stereotypes above. As for the ti-cats, I really don't care where they go. But somewhere far far away would be preferable. I have spent way too much time staying up late reading about this, only to read conflicting reports from the same source the next morning.

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