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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted January 06, 2011 at 12:00:56

So face up to that reality.

Believe me, we have. If the Ticats don't believe the City's preferred site can work for them, that's their prerogative and we promise to respect it.

If the City and the Ticats had been able to find a mutually agreeable location that met both parties' needs, that would have been ideal. However, none of the Ticats' preferred Hamilton sites work for the City, and the City's preferred site apparently doesn't work for the Ticats.

Sometimes negotiations don't lead to a mutually beneficial contract, and the parties simply walk away. That's an acceptable outcome, if not an ideal one.

However, bear in mind that the taxpayer-provided Toronto 2015 money has always been earmarked first and foremost to provide a legacy sport facility for Hamilton - not a professional sport facility on behalf of a private business. It was the City that pushed to repurpose the Pan Am stadium as a legacy facility for the Ticats, and it was the capacity requirement of the Ticats that bumped the seating size from 6,000 to 25,000.

It's perfectly acceptable to Toronto 2015 to fund a 6,000 seat community stadium in Hamilton - after all, that is precisely their Plan B if the Hamilton proposal falls apart.

At this point the best thing the City can do, given its city-building objectives, is go ahead with its own legacy initiative to build a community stadium in the West Harbour, remediate Barton-Tiffany, invest in a high-quality permanent velodrome and help catalyze the steady revitalization of the North End.

The Ticats can then make their own decisions about how to proceed.

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