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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted January 06, 2011 at 11:41:10

Worse still, for the 'Cats, the Paletta lands may contain environmentally sensitive lands, including an intact Carolinian forest. An environmental assessment might also be required in order for any development to proceed on this site. A friend of mine, a PhD candidate in earth geosciences, has put up a website with the information he's gathered at the site--I encourage you all to check it out: Proposed Aldershot Stadium Site: a natural perspective

Amazing - from that site:

It is currently a designated woodland under the Halton Region Natural Heritage System. This designation does not allow for development into a stadium, parking lot, or associated commercial development. According to the Halton Region Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines, an environmental assessment would be required in order for any development to proceed on this site:

Has this even been brought up? Seems to me that HostCo would not even start down this route if there is a risk of it being derailed because of environmental concerns. Remember the headaches they went through with the escarpment commission?

How is it that hobbyist bloggers have dug up more information (and misinformation) than the mainstream media - or the municipalities themselves. You'd think the mayor of Burlington would have at least looked into this kind of risk before making any comments on the matter...

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