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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 11:23:42

Rough draft of the letter I e-mailed to The Spec last night. I think we really need to consider Beechwood Ave. as the LOCATION of the new stadium. I think this needs to be debated because I firmly believe the West Harbour can be so much more of a jewel WITHOUT a stadium there. Have a read, I doubt The Spec will print it.

The re-birth of Beechwood ave.

The Tiger-Cats decision to leave Hamilton for Burlington gives Hamilton city council a unique opportunity to re-think what to do with Ivor Wynn stadium and its land.

The City of Hamilton is under no obligation to continue the Tiger-Cats lease after 2011. Bob Young has clearly informed the city through local media that he has no intention of staying past 2011 anyway.

Since Bob Young will not be using Ivor Wynn past 2011 there is nothing stopping Hamilton from making Beechwood ave. the location of its new 6000 seat Pan-Am stadium for the 2015 games.

Since a stadium is already on the site there is very little for city staff to study or recommend and the site already has the required infrastructure to build with, saving a huge amount of money. This savings will free up Future Fund money which can then be directed to developing the West Harbour along the lines of the Setting Sail recommendations.

A city of 500,000 needs a stadium of a size of 1% of its population under its own control for the reported 150+ rentals Ivor Wynn currently has. Ron Joyce Stadium DOES NOT fulfill this need as it is there only to serve McMaster students, not the whole City of Hamilton.

No matter what the outcome, Ivor Wynn Stadium requires a minimum of 20 million dollars to allow it’s continued use, no matter if the Tiger-Cats use it or a local flag football league uses it.

Why spend Hamilton’s capital on a huge stadium that is no longer required, needs expensive renovation and has excessive maintenance costs? A new stadium can be constructed on the same spot primarily with HostCo funding that will better suit the purposes of the non Ti-Cat rentals that Ivor Wynn currently supports without the renovation or maintenance burden.

If you are worried about were the Cats will play until their new Aldershot stadium is built, Im sure they can come to terms and rent the Rogers Center. I for one am not worried about the Tiger-Cats anymore, and they certainly dont appear to be worried about Hamilton anymore.

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