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By slodrive (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 11:10:56

@Captain Kirk & @Andrea

I share many of your thoughts -- I'm a diehard, for sure, but am unsure as to whether that would survive a move to Burlington. Like with the Leafs, my appreciation for the team/ brand does not necessarily extend to the ownership group.

I have definitely been soured on the Young group. If I could picture another well-heeled, well-meaning owner to take control of the team, I'd certainly be hoping for a regime change. I just can't see that happening unless Jim Balsillie's heartstrings have been pulled by this. That doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm also a fan of the 130+ years of history this team has in Hamilton. The last decade, in real terms, is nary-more than a strong beep-'n-hold on the radar. So, I'm not sure I can wish for the ship's sinkage because I'm a bit upset with the current Captain.

My thoughts, as I've stated before, are that the Aldershot site needs a substantial amount of infrastructure upgrades. I'm no civic planner or engineer, but my guess is that they'd be at least the cost of the stadium. Not sure the sleepy folks of Burlington (where I'm penning this post) are interested in that -- or this mystical OHL facility. (Two struggling OHL teams - Missy and Brampton) in this relative-region are probably all the league is willing commit to.)

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