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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted January 06, 2011 at 10:47:42

I don't have a problem with private money building a stadium in Burlinton - besides paying $20 for parking every game, I'm pretty excited about seeing the Cats play there - in a modern stadium with more corporate amenities. I do notice that the TiCats themselves are still contributing next to nothing - but that is Paletta's problem now...

But, I do have a problem with $70 million of federal and provincial investment, and the economic consequences of that investment, leaving the City of Hamilton.

I have said before that I believe it would not be hard to argue in court that the TiCats have directly cost the City of Hamilton millions in consulting fees, staff time and property acquisition. But on top of that - if the City is to agree not to proceed with a small WH stadium, thereby voluntarily making that money available to the City of Burlington (or Mississauga or Milton...) the City of Burlinton, the Tiger Cats and Paletta need to compensate the City of Hamilton for the lost economic consequences - at the very least - the full cost of remediation to the WH site.

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