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By Hipgnosis (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 09:52:22

@HamiltonFan - My understanding of how MLS works is that MLSE would not have any say as to where another team goes. The league is an entity unto itself, MLSE has ownership of TFC but that is about it. There is no selling of rights or anything like that because the MLS collects ALL revenue and then distributes it accordingly. As such they could probably place a team at Varsity Stadium if they wanted to and MLSE would have to suck it up. So your argument there is invalid.

I don't understand the constant negativity surrounding this whole debacle. The Ti-Cats are well within their rights to negotiate the best deal that they think that they can get. They certainly will not be the first or last sports team to try and get a sweet deal out of public funds. The City on the other hand has bent over backward to try and make this work really I just think that both sides are poles apart with respect to what they are looking for at the finish line. The City of Hamilton wants to try and create a community-minded City building project and the Ti-Cats are interested in finally turning a profit. The big question is are the two mutually exclusive?

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