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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 09:42:43

Andrea wrote:

>As a former die-hard fan of the Ticats, I generally try to keep my disdain for the current ownership at a manageable level. This entire process has soured me on the organization and I vote with my wallet by no longer attending any games, which is my prerogative.

I completely understand. I'm in almost in the same boat. I'm still waiting and holding out hope.

Me, and my group of ten season ticket holders, (and 3 new ones recruited over the Christmas holidays) will give up on the Cats if they give up on our city.

But, that hasn't happenend quite yet, and any final decision by us will follow whatever the final outcome of the stadium location is.

A few things from the article.

It's my belief that any loss of hardcore Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans will not be offset by more affluent types from Oakville / Burlington.

Bottom line is, if this team is to be called "Hamilton", they will not care for it. This belief is rooted in the strong, very strong, ties the team has to this city and its past. There's no breaking that bond.

Make all the claims that Aldershot is near, and that it is regional blah, blah, blah. Say whatever.... but the feeling of abandonment still pervades this move no matter what is said, or spun.

Other questions that come mind in regards to yesterday's meeting are the fianancial numbers.

A $90m to $120m stadium? is that enough? What's with the $30m difference?

What about the idea that the stadium would only hold 22,000 or even less? Burlington and Oakville affluence will make this team profitable because they are willing to pay such a premium for the HAMILTON Tiger-Cats. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Not for a minute.

Another question: This supposed private contribution of $30m is not just cash, right? Isn't part of that $30m the worth of the Paletta land? If so, what is that worth and the actual cash amount being put forwards towards stadium construction.

Bob Young's absence from the recent Burlington debate is a statement of sorts.

So, if he's not ready to abandon our city quite yet, then I'm not quite ready to abandon our team quite yet either.

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