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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 09:42:07

I think a scalable stadium/ampitheatre type of facility at WH and a world class velodrome is something that would be great. I'm a sports fan, the more the merrier. But as much as I wasn't a big Fred Eisenberger fan, I will admit he wasn't stupid. He wanted some big money from the TigerCats for a WH location and he wanted the TigerCats and stadium all under a Katz umbrella. Meaning he didn't want the risk of a stadium at the WH, should it turn out to be a money loser, on the city's back.

Without the TigerCats and still no money from the Katz group, there is some risk involved and if I'm a new Mayor with a 4 year term, I'm not sure I go down that route. Less risky to appease people by talking what can we do with the FF money for the city's ailing infrastructure, poverty etc. all these buzzwords that are legitimate of course here in Hamilton.

Now maybe a councillor is willing to take this on perhaps as his pet project. I suppose we'll see.

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