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By cityfan (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 09:32:00

@ HamiltonFan. Well in any event we don't know how they (MLSE) made their territory rights but you do have a point. Also we aren't talking about NHL kind of money here. The last time I checked it cost $40 miliion to get on the list for a MLS franshise. I don't think they can ask for more than $40 miliion for territory rights. I just see a stadium for Hamilton in the downtown as the only option to keeping events and games after the Ticats leave for the citizens. They might be still called the Tigercats but they are still in Aldershot and Hamilton can still have a chance to have a stadium if they make the right decision here. Why not just take the money that we have been offered to build one?

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