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By cityfan (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 09:16:22

I hope that council goes forward with a community soccer stadium (with velodrome training centre) and not just give all money to Tiger Cats. Council needs to envision a scalable soccer specific stadium with natural grass for community events and games and a future professional team for Hamilton such as MLS.

Why MLS? because thier franchise requirements ask for soccer specific stadiums and not stadiums combined with a football playing field. This leaves the door open to a group which could put a team in Hamilton in the next couple years for expansion. Like many people have finally noticed, soccer is bigger than football and growing all the time and more people are familiar with the game. Bob Young can keep his NASL rights to the area (which I know he has locked up) he can also call give the team a Burlington name but MLS is a bigger and different league and instant rivals to TFC, Plus international exposure on TV. I know I'm stretching about who or what group would own such a team but at least they would only have to expand the WH stadium to 18-20K seats and the infrustructure around the stadium will already be in place. Just a thought I'm sure for the Katz Group if they decide to own Copps and the WH stadium.

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