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By Andrea (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 07:54:53

Haven't had my coffee yet...but here it is, and let me know if my logic is flawed: The Ticats are leaving Hamilton at any cost. At this point I am inclined to wish them good riddance and purge myself of any remaining black and gold paraphenalia. The Cats departure makes Ivor Wynne obsolete. As a municipality, without a pro football team, we don't need a 29,000 seat stadium. Tear it down and sell the land. However, when Eisenberger was Mayor he referenced the 190+ (???looking for a reference) other events each year that Ivor Wynne was used for (high school football games and other community use). Would the community use be enough to justify a small stadium at the West Harbour, especially if the field was usable for both footbal and soccer? I think the answer is YES. Without the Cats in the equation a smaller WH stadium makes sense. As I and others have mentioned numerous times, the stadium at McMaster is not City owned, so Hamilton could use such a facility.

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