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By Hipgnosis (anonymous) | Posted January 03, 2011 at 12:37:59

I think that it has been proven many times over that the Cats do not actually care about whether it is easy to get to the stadium or not. They are interested in how much money they can make off of the parking.

The smaller, expandable stadium is the way to go and I would urge everyone who agrees to contact their council member and advise them of that.

I think that one of the difficulties that will be presented with Ivor Wynne is that if and when it is officially at the end of its usefullness what do we do? To sell it would be great but the city will not get the value that I think we would expect for it. The cost of demolition and remediation on that site would be considerable. Who would foot that bill because it would cut into any potential profit the sale of the site would generate.

In the end I feel that the decision has already been made. The Hamilton Tiger Cats will play out the rest of their contract at Ivor Wynne Stadium and unfortunately their history and legacy will move on. I don't blame council because I think that they were being given a decision that was impossible. They could not provide the Cats with a Stadium that they would agree on that would also fulfill the requirements to allow the use of 10's of millions of taxpayer dollars.

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