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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted January 02, 2011 at 12:46:19


I also agree that someone can speed up to catch a yellow on Main (and other one way streets)so that they can catch the wave of greens. However, people also consistently do the same on two way streets. The advantage of one way streets in this situation is that once a person does catch up to the wave, they then slow down. On two way streets, this doesn't happen and the person can continue to potentially speed indefinitely. I watched this happen recently on Barton actually. Some guy FLEW past me (very unsafely) he was probably doing 80 or 90. It was ridiculous. If I had caught his plate, I would have called the cops. Anyways, I watched him fly through 2 intersections before I lost sight of him. Who knows how much longer that went on for.
My point is that idiots will speed whether the street is a one way or a two way. At least with one way, there is incentive to do the speed limit. If you think about he people who are turning onto Main after the wave of traffic, they are turning, in most cases, right after the last car passes (if people thought more when they drive and were more courteous, then they would stay out of the side lanes to allow cars to turn sooner.. pet peeve of mine). In this case, the car would only have to speed for maybe 200 meters to catch up to the pack. In other cases, where a car turns onto Main well after the pack has passed, there is no incentive to speed because the car will just come up to a red light, unless they're driving a Ferrari. I'm tempted (seriously now) to drive along Main with my video camera rolling to show you guys that this is the reality. I'm just not sure if my lens is wide enough to show my speedometer and the traffic around the car simultaneously. I'll give it a shot one day when I'm bored and if it works out, I'll post a link.

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