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By wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted January 01, 2011 at 23:21:12

Sorry-- I felt that veering sensation too; thank you for indulging me.

It was Paul Shaker's indifferent line...

"With no major tenant, there is no need to pump $20 million into Ivor Wynne to maintain a 28,000 seat stadium."

Yes-- we do know around here that this is yet another major historic departure for us and there is no interest in what comes next.

Its deeply saddening to lose Ivor Wynne, and I have to point out that our lack of property value here is everyone's tax problem. "Scalable for the future _____ team" does sound like another ongoing "troubled HECFI asset".

If Paul Shaker's idea of a WH scalable soccer-bowl ultimately calls for the use of the Future Fund, then it is wrong-- that is not what the money was for.

So Mr. Shaker..? Do you suggest we invest the Future Fund in this?

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