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By klee (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2010 at 21:05:54

I lived in toronto all my life and about 2 years ago i moved to kingston ontario. Now that i'm out of toronto i go back to visit family still there and I am just so grateful to be out. The traffic is the worst, the people are unfriendly for the most part and i was chased by a strange guy at the bus stop and a community service car pulled over and wouldn't even let me in his car because he said it was againts the rules! finally a cab pulled over and i could make my way out of there! I went to the doctors and the doctors assistant asked me how my day was and i told her what happened and all she said was " what eye is worst the left or the right? No emotion at all! I dread going to toronto. Kingston is a nice place to live easy to get around and has a small town feel, although i would like a smaller place and be a little closer to toronto i was considering moving to oshawa. But i'm not sure, not too keen on the factories and drug problem. anyone have any ideas on where they think a good place to live is: taking in consideration, pollution, crime, and friendliness of the town.

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