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By Need for the Truth (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2010 at 12:34:20

I agree we need to learn about the candidates - but don't put trust in all the candidate's websites. Look behind what they say - do they stick by their words? For example if they say they volunteer - did they just start this year? If they say their job is such and such and that gives them the qualifications to be a councillor - ask their work place for a copy of their job description - that's usually public.

In Ward 11 we have three candidates. Two have been in the community for sometime and there is lots of history on them. The other seems to be a fly-by-nighter. None of his claims have been substantiated. He even wrote a press release for himself winning a debate that he obviously didn't win (I was there and the other two candidates acted in much more respectible ways and the incumbent had a much better understanding of the issues and the other challenger had a way better list of qualifications). Unfortunately The Hamiltonian picked it up the press release.....thought Cal would be more savvy than that - well maybe not but the grammar and spelling mistakes should have give it away??.....LOL.

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