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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted October 06, 2010 at 10:28:51


The problem is an election is coming, and as Councillor Jackson said he doesn't want an asterisk beside his name indicating that it was on his watch that the Ti-Cats decided to leave Hamilton, a sentiment that seems to be shared by Councillor Whitehead (the flip-floppers).

This has become an emotional issue versus a fair and balanced partnership/business issue, and the Cats know it. Too many Councillors are prepared to turn a blind eye to the total inequity of the proposed deal so they are not fingered as the ones who forced the Cats to go who knows where.

Only a very few such as McHattie and Merulla have highlighted the problem. At the last COW meeting I think it's fair to say more Councillors are seeing the situation for what it is and are finally asking some fairly decent questions of the Ti-Cats spokespeople. Unfortunately, the Cats are smart enough not to put someone like Scott Mitchell at the podium who can answer the questions, so paid representatives such as Don May, who have neither the information nor the authority to answer the more detailed and pointed questions from Councillors, essentially talk a lot and say nothing. Mitchell, on the other hand, has not met a media scrum he didn't love. Weird eh?

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